Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Job center my arse

Us that really want a job an don't steel tax payers money an work hard to try an get a job. But no if your on the dole they pay you to look for jobs an sit on your arse an drink white ace. Sounds a bit unfair to me go in to any jobs center an not claim anything an ask for help to get a job an they treat you like your a no body.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Still on the dark side

So here it is fresh start a new beginning what ever ye want to call it. No more wasting my money on alcoholic beverages and buses time to work my b****ks off even more than I already am to get a job. Must be over a hundred jobs ave applied for now an only three interviews. Must not be playing my cards right somewhere. Suppose am not the only one with out one in .Great Britain an no am not in the long cue of dole dossers or on disability benefits because am to fat and cant fit Through the doors of MacDonald's. so here it goose to me an starting to work harder to get a job an been able to buy things I deserve.